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Four Counties Tiling

Four Counties Tiling & Property Improvement are able to carry out all tiling jobs to your exact specification. From wall & floor tiling to specialist areas and swimming pools, we can cater to your needs.

Wall Tiling

From large, textured wall tiles to small, detailed, mosaic patterns Four Counties are able to carry out all tiling jobs to the highest of standards. Find out more about our wall tiling services here.

Floor Tiling

From kitchen and bathroom floors, saunas & gyms to offices, Four Counties always carry out our tiling services to the very highest standard.

Specialist Tiling

No tiling job is too demanding or intricate for our team of specialist tilers. Whether you require a custom mosaic pattern or are constructing a new swimming pool, Four Counties can get the job done for a fantastic price.

Tiling Services in Colchester


On all jobs we undertake we take extra care to ensure the job is tidy from start to finish. Covering up areas that are likely to get messy by using dust sheets and laying tarpaulins where wet cutters are used.

Tile Removal

We can undertake all tile removal if you would rather not do this yourself.

Setting out

Before we commence any job we set out the job properly to make sure there are no thin cuts anywhere. This ensures that the overall finish of the job is fantastic quality.


Before we start a job we make sure the walls are prepared properly in order to get the most out of the tiling, therefore giving the ultimate finish. If the walls needs plastering or skimming we are able to do this for you. We always use a primer on new plaster- this enhances the tile-adhesive bond and ensures that everything sticks with maximum effect.

Floors (Concrete)

Floors can be screeded to create a flat finish. On floors with a residue of glue or other forms of sticking adhesives where carpet has been laid or vinyl tiles, the floor will need to be screed. This stops the floor adhesive corroding and hence stopping the adhesive flaking and the tiles lifting at a later stage.

Floors (Floorboards or chipboard)

These floors need to be lined with a minimum of 9mm ply screwed down. This then strengthens up the floor and stops any movement. This will subsequently stop the tiles lifting or moving at a later stage.

Pipe boxing in/wall channelling for cables etc.

We can undertake any boxing in needed around pipes. We are also able to carry out wall channelling for electricity cables for under tile heating.

Waterproofing (Tanking)

At Four Counties we know how to properly tank a room and can undertake this for those who wish to have peace of mind.  Tanking is a form or thick paint which seals and waterproofs the wall stopping tiles falling off at a later stage.

Under Tile Heating

When laying undertile heating we always use WEDI board or similar to layer the floor. The reason for this is to get the most out of your new heating mat or cable. This ensures that the heat will rise quicker making the room more efficient. (If you simply placed the mat straight onto concrete this causes heat to transfer to the concrete first, taking longer to heat the room and ultimately costing you more).

Many people go straight onto the concrete then start spreading the tiling adhesive- this is incorrect. Once we have laid the mat or cable we then screed to give a nice flat finish this will also stop any damage occuring to the heating mat or cable.

Styles/Tile Types

At Four Counties we can cater for fixing all types of tiles from basic ceramic right through to marble, natural stone products and bespoke custom design options.

We can cater for all styles including: normal style, brick bond, diamond designs, pattern insets/borders & Herringbone

Whatever the style the chances are we can cater for it.

Cutting & Shaping

We have the experience and specialist equipment to cut holes in tiles such as shower pipes, round sockets, pipes & cables.

“Both Myself and my wife had Matthew round to tile our kitchen. Matthew was very tidy and made an excellent job. He was very competitive in his pricing and finished the job on time which was good. He comes across as very professional and his knowledge is good too. Because of the excellent job he made we have since decided to get Matthew back to tile our Bathroom.  Well done Matthew.”

Keith & Denise

Home Owners

CheckaTrade-Logo1[1]We have a fantastic 9.7 out of 10 rating on Check-A-Trade. Read what our previous clients think of our excellent tiling and property improvement services.

We Leave It Tidy!

After we have completed a job we ensure that all rubbish is taken with us and disposed of in a responsible fashion. We want to you enjoy your new space straight away so leaving your house clean is our priority.

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Our 10-Year Guarantee

For your peace of mind all jobs undertaken using WEDI materials come with a 10-year guarantee as standard. For those that don’t use WEDI, we offer a 24-month labour and materials guarantee for your peace of mind.

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